Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nigerian Independence Day

October 1st is Nigerian Independence Day. This year was Nigeria's 47th Anniversary. Across the seas in Nigeria, this Monday was honored in a variety of ways ranging from a National Holiday where no one went to work, to house parties and special meals.
At Dordt College there are four students with Nigerian roots, and although they had to attend classes and work they still made small attempts to recognize this day. Their efforts may have gone unnoticed by the Dordt Sudent population at large but they played Nigerian music in their rooms, ate a traditional Nigerian meal, and wished each other a "Happy Independence." They also wore clothes made out of Nigerian material or donned green-white-green attire that alluded to the colors of the Nigerian flag.
Statuses changed on Facebook as people verbalized their pride, dreams, and congratulations of Nigeria as students across the globe affiliated with Nigeria mentioned that it was liberated Nigeria's birthday.
Text messages traveled across the United States with the ones I received spanning from Iowa to Georgia to Tennessee, to New York.
Independent Nigeria turned 47 on Ocbtober 1st, 2007, and although many were none the wiser, to those whom it mattered to, it was a celebration of culture, freedom, and national pride.

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