Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pandemonium in Yola as Police shoot undergraduate

Pandemonium in Yola as Police shoot undergraduate
Thursday, November 22, 2007 - Written by Umar Yusuf

YOLA—Pandemonium broke out in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, Tuesday, as Police shot dead an undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology Yola.

Youths in their thousands apparently protesting the killing mobilized themselves when the death of the undergraduate identified as Aminu Buba Tete filtered around and headed to the Jimeta divisional police station, in apparent move to set it ablaze.

Hoodlums quickly took over the advantage of the ensuing confusion, looting shops and other business places.

Shop owners and other business outfits hurriedly closed up their business and economic activities came to a stand still in most parts of the state capital.

No fewer than ten shops were looted and vandalized along the Mohammed Mustapha Way commercial area, while unspecified number of cars and motorcycles believed to be owned by police personnel were burnt to ashes.

Anti-riot policemen in armoured cars were later deployed to the major streets to maintain law and order.

Adamawa State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Aloy Okorie gave a vivid account of what led to near break down of law and order.

He told newsmen in his office that an informant had earlier alerted the police that suspected armed robbers were mobilizing themselves in Guri to raid some targets in the state capital,

He added that the police quickly cordoned off the road leading Guri-Fufore to Yola in an apparent move to track down the suspected robbers.

The Commissioner of Police added that it was at this point that the deceased in company of another person were driving along the cordoned office the Guri- Yola road.

“The duo were traveling in a tinted glass car and when police waved them to stop, they refused and the police chased them from Mbamba along the road into the state and one of the policemen shot at the car,” he stated.

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zen said...

This situation is so unfortunate. First that an undergraduate female was shot by the police, (I have not yet figured out how that occurred but I plan to find out) and then a protest on behalf of this student turned into a riot where shops were looted. In Nigeria bad seems to evolve into worse too much of the time. One wrong is done, an attempt to right it is made, but yet there are those always perched and waiting to take advantage of a bad situation and make things even bleaker. It is so frustrating to me! :(