Monday, December 3, 2007

Nigeria: Robbers Attack FCT Medical Store

Nigeria: Robbers Attack FCT Medical Store

Golu Timothy

About 20 armed robbers, at the weekend, attacked the FCT central medical store located around Jabi in Utako district, and injured two of the civilian security personnel keeping guard.

However, the secretary for health in the FCT, Dr. Danladi Rupuba Arabs, said the robbers were disappointed because there was no money to steal in the store.

The robbers were said to have pounced on the strategic medical facility Friday night by jumping the high walls and took the three guards captive.

One of the security men said: "15 of the armed robbers jumped the fence, with four of them holding guns while others stayed outside the fence. As soon as they jumped inside, they started to beat us, and asked us to show them where money was kept. We told them there was no money here, except drugs, but they insisted on checking for themselves".

The robbers broke into all the offices including the toilets, but found a big iron safe locked in the accounts section.

Thinking they had suceeded, they invested all their energy in breaking the heavy iron safe, only to discover there was no single kobo.

Confirming the development to journalists, the health secretary, Dr. Danlami Arabs said, there was no physical cash, "because we are running a cashless system. We have since stopped money transaction in this place, and therefore we don't keep money here".

He directed that barb wires be put round the fences and enough security lights provided for the entire facility.

According to him, the robbers must have been attracted by the centralisation process in drug distribution, and the pressure put on them by demolitions but that they would not suceed.

He stated that he was happy wth the Utako police for moving in fast to make alternative arrangements, expressing confidence that the police would liaise with the leadership of the store to beef up security.

The secretary was led round the facility by Pharmacist Idris Abdullazeez, a deputy director.

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zen said...

I'm glad for a robbery where nothing was stolen and no one was killed! :) The joke is on the 20+ robbers this time...going through all that trouble literally for nothing. I wish I could convincingly say, "maybe that will teach them," but it won't. :( Fact remains there are still violent robberies in all parts of Nigeria at all times of the day and night. However, funny enough, somehow, it is still safe. There has been an increase in the number of mobile police and rapid response squads who have designated areas they continuously patrol. Hopefully violent crime is on the decline. :)